ARI's 2011 Annual Report is available for download
March 26, 2012

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ARI welcomes new Executive Director, Stephanie Nguyen
March 22, 2012

ARI Community Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephanie Nguyen as Executive Director through a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors. Stephanie will begin her new role effective April 1, 2012.

Stephanie brings a wide range of expertise to the position, as well as a deep understanding of and passion for ARI and its programs. With extensive experience in program management, she most recently served as the Operations Director for ARI where she worked closely with the Executive Director in providing strategic leadership and direction for key internal operations. She also developed and executed the administration processes of ARI’s Broadway Career Center and Citrus Heights office.

This change in leadership marks an exciting new phase for ARI, full of great opportunities for both the ARI family and the community it serves. Additionally, Stephanie’s appointment is a testament to the incredible staff at ARI, proving that the best leaders often come from within.

As she moves into the organization’s leadership position, Stephanie is positioned for great success thanks to a legacy of superior organizational planning, fundraising and commitment from outgoing Executive Director Elaine Abelaye-Mateo.

“For the past eight years, Elaine has worked tirelessly to shape the future of ARI,” said Board President Melanie Ramil. “Her commitment and desire to bring the organization to the next level stemmed from her vision of implementing a strategic plan, increasing and diversifying ARI’s funding streams, and building strong community partnerships. The organization will only continue to grow and strengthen in the years ahead.”

Elaine has accepted a position consulting on corporate social responsibility engagements where she has statewide responsibilities.

ARI is proud to look to one of our own as the organization continues to empower our region’s limited-English and low-income communities to become vital, active members of the community.

Local business emphasizes the need to play

Sacramento Press, October 14, 2011

A pair of Sacramento entrepreneurs are building a business centered around what they say adults are missing in their lives – play. Jeff Louie and Chris Chu, both 30, founded Asobuyo in April as a way for like-minded locals to get together, play games, sample food from local businesses and get to know one another. Asobuyo is planning an event to benefit ARI on Sunday, October 23rd. Click here to find out more and to purchase tickets!

Asobuyo Interns reflect on their experience

Capsity Offices, August 3, 2011

Last year, Capsity had over 10 interns during the Summer. This year we decided to be a little more focused and the primary interns were with one of the new companies in the office: Asobuyo. Meet Susan and Ronado! We asked them to write a little bit about their experience working with Asobuyo and the coworking environment.

Internships give teens work experience in a tough economy

The Sacramento Bee, July 24, 2011

The children had read their stories, finished their drawings and were getting antsy, squirming in their seats inside the small community center and waiting for the words they longed to hear.

"OK, guys," Alexis Rodriguez called out to the class. "Time for recess."

It's Rodriguez's second week at her first job. The 17-year-old is a recreational aide and tutor for local nonprofit agency Mercy Housing at its Kennedy Estates complex in south Sacramento.

Alexis' summer job is a paid internship through a program run by Sacramento community services group Asian Resources Inc.

Access Sacramento to start Neighborhood News Bureaus

Sacramento Press, March 11, 2011

Access Sacramento is putting together a network of news bureaus in the South Sacramento area. The goal is to get youth to report for their communities, producing news stories about South Sacramento. The effort is based around a website that access Sacramento has set up called

Census officials: Sacramento ethnic groups need to be counted

News 10, April 1, 2010

Brimming with a wide variety of ethnicities hailing from around the globe, Sacramento has often been called one of the most racially-diverse cities in America. While that's a frequent point of civic pride for many in California's capital city, reaching all those communities for vital information like compiling the current 2010 Census can make Sacramento's racial diversity a steep hurdle to clear.

Community groups ramp up efforts to build day-labor center

Sacramento Business Journal, January 21, 2010

Plans for a day-labor and community center in south Sacramento, stalled for months due to the bad economy, are gaining traction. Backers of the proposed 41st Avenue Community Center have acquired two adjacent properties and cleared the land at the corner of 41st Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Grant-getting curriculum prepares students for work force

Sacramento Business Journal, April 15, 2009

Wyatt Brown is confident in his ability to evaluate which community grant applications deserve funding, and doesn’t back away from heated debates with fellow board members in making his case.

Mina Phan and her project team recently received funding from the board. They are gratified their proposal and budget were convincing, especially after they studied up on their grant-writing skills. Now they’re starting to implement their project, which will educate the community on how bats benefit the environment.