Community Programs

Community ServicesFor more than 30 years, ARI has served the needs of the community. Today, ARI has a budget of over $2.5M in funding to offer the various programs and resources for the community. In addition to employment services, ARI also offers a variety of program that will continue to cater the needs of the community.


The programs are listed below:

A.) Health and Safety  - ARI promotes a healthy living environment therefore, ARI has partnered with Kaiser and Valley High School to conduct presentations on the different health disparities that affect each community. Presentations have been conducted on the radio, television and in group settings are at community gatherings. ARI has also formed a partnership with the Sheriff’s Department to offer safety training education
B.) English as a Second Language (ESL) and Citizenship Classes  - Classes are offered Monday-Friday at two of the ARI locations. The instructor provides lesson plans and assignments to ensure that the students are learning the English language. The instructor also reviews questions that will be similar to the official Citizenship exam. Students are taken on field trips to the Capitol to meet with State Representatives and Legislatures.
C.) Tax Preparation  - During the tax season, all ARI staff will be certified to provide tax preparation for individuals who meet the income guideline at all three locations.
D.) Interpretation and Translation  - ARI’s staff combined speak a 10 different languages and are able to do translation and interpretation for our clients when needed.
E.) Reduce Energy Assistance Program  - ARI partners with PG&E and SMUD to offer discounted energy bill and a onetime reimbursement for individuals that qualify within the income guidelines.
F.) Monthly Neighborhood Mixers/Gatherings  - Though our Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Project monthly and quarterly community mixers and/or gatherings are hosted with games, food and activities for families to participate.
G.) Links to Law Enforcement  - The Links to Law Enforcement program is the first of its kind in Sacramento. In partnership with the Sacramento Police Department, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the Elk Grove Police Department, the program goal is to provide mentorship to minorities who seek a career in law enforcement. The 6-week program will prepare participants about all the aspects of the job, the cultural barriers that each minority group is faced with on a daily basis, and how to overcome those barriers.
H.) Forward Promise  - Through Forward Promise, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has invested in best practices and successful models around the nation that can be strengthened and spread to help boys and young men of color grow up healthy and lead successful lives. ARI, in partnership with East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC), will address the use of mental health-based interventions that tailor approaches to Southeast Asian young boys and men who have experienced and/or been exposed to violence and trauma. This Intervention Program operates on the theory-of-change that high-risk juvenile offenders will less likely recidivate, more likely earn a high school diploma or a GED; and more likely to practice a healthier lifestyle.