Youth Program

ARI provide services for local employers to find the right candidate for the job. As a partner, you have access to…

  • Job Fairs
    We host job fairs that connect employers with potential employees. There are many great candidates from the community just looking for the opportunity to meet with employers.
  • Competitive Client Pool
    Our clients work alongside a case manager who helps identify their skill set (their assets and their barriers) and work with them to ensure job readiness (including interview skills, resume workshops, etc.). We help recruit and screen so qualified candidates are pre-screened and always ready to get the job done. We provide educational training such as English classes and computer skills for potential employees so they can perform to the best of their abilities. Our internship programs offers employers pre-screened referrals and wage reimbursement.
  • On-the-Job (OJT) Training
    We connect small business employers with qualified job seeking CalWORKS recipients. OJT will give participants an opportunity to train on specific occupational skills, while earning regular wages. The employer is reimbursed a portion of the participant’s wages during the training period.
  • Competent Staff
    Based on our research and our close relationships with employers, our staff understands the concerns of employers (employee lack of commitment, low skill set, poor communication skills etc.). Our staff is trained to work with employers to promote win-win relationships. We provide the client pool and you provide the feedback to ensure quality candidates. We also provide assistance with human resource challenges.