On April 1, 2020, you can complete your Census application online, in-person, or by phone. Make sure to count everyone living in your house (that includes people you are not related to!) on the Census. #iCount #Census2020 


 By participating in the 2020 Census, you gain the power to ensure that our neighborhood schools, roads, and health centers are funded properly. Our neighborhood is counting on you, will you make yourself count this April? #iCount #Census2020 


  Every person living in a household on April 1 needs to be counted. Yes, even your roommate. Help ensure an accurate count in 2020! 


 The USCensusBureau data determined that Tagalog is the 2nd most spoken non-English language in California (behind Spanish). #WeCount #ICount #2020Census


 Your community is counting on you to make sure our schools, roads, and health centers are funded properly. Make yourself and everyone else living in your house on April 1, 2020, count.  #iCount #Census2020 


 The 2020 Census survey shapes the future of our community. It is more than a population count– it is a powerful tool to ensure our voices are heard. #WeCount #ICount #2020Census 

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