Adult Employment Services

Our Training Center serves approximately 6000 clients each year. Services are provided to the general public with priorities for low-income and low skilled individuals. The training center offers services that can provide additional training or support services to the participants to ensure that any barriers in retaining employment are addressed. 

Programs & Services

Job Placement and On-The-Job Training Program

This program allows participants who have been out of the workforce for an extended amount of time to be enrolled in a subsidized program to entice employers to hire the participant after completion of the training program.

Individual Training Account (ITA)/Support Services
Financial assistance for approved training programs

Weekly Workshops

Staff at the training center provide various weekly training, workshops, and classes for job preparation such as; Resume building, dress for success, job search, and interview techniques.

Financial Literacy

Funded through a financial institute, participants who successfully complete the course receive incentives and an opportunity for a one-on-one session to improve or build on their credit score

Computer Class

The center is fully equipped with a resource room full of computers. Once a week, the center closes early to conduct a computer class for those individuals who are in need of one-on-one computer assistance and training.

Case Management

Clients requesting any service thought any of the offices are eligible to speak and meet with an Employment Service Specialist to be assessed and provided professional assistance on which program or training would best fit the needs of the individual.